Effectiveness of Faith

I’m more than thankful that God has entrusted faithful men to preach the gospel. There would be a big crisis if no one preached: people wouldn’t get saved, there would be no missions, there would be no parachurches, no small groups, no fellowship, and etc. I guess someone could make the argument that you could still have all those things without someone preaching from the pulpit every sunday, but there’s a big loophole in that logic: Someone had to preach in order for all those other things to happen.

Now that being said, preachers come in many different shapes and sizes – physically and metaphorically. They also come with their flaws. Are other pastors more gifted in certain aspects of their ministry than others? Sure. But does that determine how effective he is in the ministry? No. Because it’s the Holy Spirit that convicts and transforms. I’m not saying that the pastor is a non-factor, but what i am saying is that he’s not the ultimate factor of what determines effectiveness. Some people feel dry, unfed, and not being discipled. Those are all legitimate concerns. No doubt about it. But i feel like another question needs to be asked. How are you determining the effectiveness of ministry? is it based on what you are getting out of other humans, or is it based off of what God is giving – the gospel being preached?

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