Problems of this world as well as Church

Dear Sir, What is wrong with the world? I am, Yours sincerely, G.K. Chesterton.

If there were any man that knew anything about God’s word, Chesterton would have to be one of them. He was a plump brittish chap that had a knack for writing; the guy was a prodigy at constructing sentences. His rhetoric was unbeatable when it came to seeing the world through the lens of the bible. There were many debates where he defended the Christian Faith. Yet, for him to admit something like this (the quote above), reveals the humility of his reality.

The reality we all live in is the fact that we are all depraved. Corrupted by the birth pangs of sin. There’s no getting away from this. Pragmatically, we all want to fix this by joining clubs, church, or some sort of rehab institutions (video games included). But the reality is that you can’t fix it. The problem is never outside of you (ie. difficult relationships within the church, unexpected events, illness, etc.). The only way you can grapple with the reality of sin is to look at the gospel: Jesus Christ coming into the world to become sin, who knew no sin ( 2 Cor. 5:21) ultimately dying on the cross because of our sins. When we look to that, it transforms the inner self. When we do this, our reality of sin is dealt with the humility of the cross: making all things right again.

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