Top 5 ways to make your kid hate Church

This was an interesting post by Thomas Weaver.

I always wonder why so many kids at the ages of 13-17 end up hating the church or become apathetic to the church. Most of the times i thought it was because the church wasn’t hip enough, there wasn’t a nice gym to play on, not being able to play on the praise team, no one to hang out with, and the list could go on. But it completely made me forget the fact how big a role parents play in shaping our love for the church. Now, i know i can’t blame everything on parents, but i seriously wonder how big of an effect a parent’s love for the church influence kids. Do they love the church as christ loved the church with utter commitment(Eph. 5:25), or do they love the church to the point where they’ll only put in as much as they can receive (atheistics 1:1, legalistics 1:1, agnostics 1:1, apathetics 1:1, Self-Righteous 3:16)?

In the end of the day, it will have to be the message of the Gospel that transforms both parents’ understanding of the church and the multitude of hostile kids that feel jipped by their parents faith. Jesus was committed to the church onto the point of death, because the very children that God loved would’ve perished without the foundations of the church. Christ didn’t ask for us to be committed to him first, He committed himself on the cross first, so that we would know just how much of a price he was willing to pay in order for us to be in a relationship with God. All so that we may live. When we repent and believe in this message, there is more than a radical transformation. But there is a radical commitment to Jesus and the church that he died for.

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