My Friend Jane

Jane is the one on the right sporting the best college campus the world has ever known. I have no idea who that girl on the right is. (jk it’s her friend Julie Chae).

This is a testimony submitted by our very own G.C.C. member Jane Won. I had the privilege of watching her life drastically change from her high school years to her college years. It never ceases to amaze me what God is able to do by simply proclaiming His Words through sinful men. Too often, we take for granted the actual power of the gospel when the Holy Spirit intervenes. A lot of people know about the gospel, but the don’t know the gospel. In Jane’s case, I was able to see the shift to the latter half. Thank you Jane for taking time to share your own testimony.

I hope the rest of you that take the time to read this testimony will be as blessed as i was. Enjoy.

“My name is Jane Won. I have just recently been saved and I waswondering if I can take a few minutes of your time to ask you aboutyour faith, your religious beliefs. And if I can share with you mine.
Let’s say, there was a God, there was a Jesus, there was a heaven, therewas a hell, there was a satan and let’s just say that judgment day cameright now. What would you do? How will you act? Will you say that itisn’t fair? Will you ask Him why He didn’t give you anymore signs? Areyou going to heaven?”
These questions were all questions I avoided 4 months ago. If I were toask you these questions, will you be able to answer?
For 18 years, I called myself a ‘Christian’ and lived a life that waspartially ‘Christian’ and partially ‘my own religion’. I didn’t know I wasgoing to heaven, but I sure hoped so. I mean c’mon, I went to churchevery Sunday and prayed before I ate dinner… Obviously, my answers,my thoughts, my views, and my purpose have changed now.
Starting college at UC Riverside as a freshmen with a boyfriend, Ithought myself as well equipped and ready to take on this collegelife. My purpose in life: Get Straight As, marry my boyfriend at theend of college and make a lot of money to make my parents happy.As ridiculous and naive as it sounds, yes, that was what I thought mypurpose was. Unsurprisingly, complications happened, I broke up withmy boyfriend, I joined a sorority and my purpose in life had changed.My purpose in life: Be a good pledge for the sorority and pass into thehouse.
For the next few months, I went to church once every 3 weeks or so.
I tried to come as little as possible. Funny thing was I still consideredmyself a Christian. I thought that if I reassured myself that I was aChristian, then going to church, studying the word or truly praying werea couple things that I could be exempt from.
For winter break, my older sister, Esther, signed me up for KCM URRetreat. I agreed to go under one condition, that my father let mego to San Francisco with my pledge sisters that winter break. I wasactually in San Fransisco 5 am, the morning of the retreat. I was notgoing to go to UR Retreat. My pledge sisters and I thought of excuses Icould tell my parents so that I do not need to go. Fortunately, I decidedto get on the plane and go to retreat. I went to UR retreat and thatwas the best decision I ever made in my life. One of the sermonsthat Pastor John told was that of sin. If we have a struggle with sinin our hearts, God is fighting for you. But if you have no guilt andthat fight is no longer there, you do not love Jesus. That’s when I wasreally convicted because I had no fight. All the stuff I was doing in thesorority, all the stuff that I wasn’t doing for the glory of God and simplyall the stuff that I did to run away from God were all sins that had noguilt, sins that had no fight. Later that night, I met with my small groupand I felt the Holy Spirit come inside me and shake me to the pointwhere I was speaking half English, half my own language to my smallgroup and repenting my sins, even sins that I never knew I did.
As soon as this happened, I remembered Pastor Chris saying that onceyou are saved, you can’t help but to change your life. I am a livingtestimony to that. My life changed 180 degrees. As soon as I got backto school, I dropped the sorority and I stopped my bad habits. Mypurpose in life was not one of those whimsical and impulsive goals but
it changed into something that has become my foundation.
My purpose in life is in this following verse:
“But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, ifonly I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from theLord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20:24
Why God has put me on this earth is to share the gospel, to share Hislove and His mercy to the lost.
I’m not saying that I am this ideal Christian that lives out this perfectlife. I am still a bigger sinner than you and my life is still a mess. Butnow, I am able to rejoice, even in this suffering because of Jesus’sunending love that never fails.
Have we ever taken our time out of our oh so busy lives to ask andshare what we’ve really been placed on this earth for?
You’re on this planet for a purpose. Find it.
“Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in agarage makes you a car.” –Garrison Keillor
If you have no fight for sin in your heart, you do not love Jesus. Butthat doesn’t mean you should stop there. God specifically tells us, “AndI tell you, ask, and it will be given to you: seek, and you will find; knock,and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and theone who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.”Luke 11:10-11
Because of his mercy, I am saved.

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2 Responses to My Friend Jane

  1. jason says:

    Amen Amen Amen. I was really encouraged reading this Jane. I hope you continue to grow in your faith. I’ll see you at church and at Riverside in a couple of weeks. 🙂

  2. Michelle moon says:

    Jane, your testimony is such an encouragement. Praise God, Praise God.

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