Woman’s Suffrage

I don’t know a lot about women, nor a lot about the feminist movement, but what i do know is that women suffer. It seems like Carolyn Carol James is putting out the same issues that we’ve heard before but in a different light. It’s not the light of political, feminist, or social justice, but she uses the light of scripture to address the issues we have today. Personally, i haven’t read the book, but i’ve been looking at some of the reviews and this one looks interesting.

One of the biggest reasons why women suffer is because men have neglected their theological training. Most guys think that when they finally find “the One” that they will automatically turn on that switch of being a holy husband that can lead his wife in a godly way. But here’s the thing: There is no switch that turns on holiness. Holiness isn’t something you can do at will, but it’s something that fight for by constantly turning to the gospel and letting it shape your theology both on a practical and intellectual level. There is just no other way. If the Gospel isn’t the message that is shaping you to be a godly man/husband, then what makes use think that our personal hobbies will (ie. video games, gym, vacations, tv, hanging out with friends, etc.)?

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