Love Your Church like you would love your wife (or future wife)

Christ loves the church, gave Himself up for her, and make her beautiful. The church submist to Christ, grows in beauty before Him, and obeys His commands. The two are one – now in preview, and later is fullness, but still they are one. They are inseparable as husband and wife. And any husband worth the paper his marriage license is printed on will be jealous to guard the good name of his wife. She may be a lying, no good, double-crossing poor excuse for a wife, but if she’s your wife, you’ll protect her honor, whatever may be left of it. And woe to the friend who comes around your house, hangs out, and expects to have a good time, all the while getting digs in on your bride. Who wants a friend who rolls his eyes and sighs every time your wife walks into the room? Apparently, some people imagine Jesus wants friends like that. They roll their eyes and sigh over the church.

– Kevin DeYoung “Why We Love the Church

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