Men’s Ministry Kicking off the New Year

Join us for our Monthly Men’s fellowship.

We will be meeting at 10 am at Brea Junior High for a friendly pick up game. Join us even if you don’t play basketball. After the game, we will be discussing about our weeks.

Why Should you Join Men’s ministry?

Frankly, because our culture has cause so much confusion about a lot of truths of the bible, it has also confused the idea of what it means to be a man. When we think of what it means to be a man today, a lot of people will come up with caricatures such as growing a beard, living dangerously, going hunting, drinking beer, having sex with lots of partners,  and driving big trucks (no offense to anyone who does have one of these qualities, except for the promiscuity part). But if we seriously look at what the culture today would view a man as, it’s much more different than the caricature that was previously portrayed. As a matter of fact, men seem to be more feminized than ever. Men’s ministry is all about shaping men not according to the world’s standard, but according to the bible. This is what we want to see happen out of it. Every month there will be a seminar on topics that will help men rethink their role as men in the world. Topics such as : a man’s role in the church, what it means to have fellowship, sexual purity, career, and etc. We hope that you would make time to join us.


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One Response to Men’s Ministry Kicking off the New Year

  1. Michelle M says:

    This is great! I’m excited for the GCC men.

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